This is a one week introduction to python as part of the IACS Data + Computing = Discovery summer program for undergraduates. Students will learn how to use python for scientific computing with morning discussions and afternoon hands-on exercises.

  • Jupyter notebooks and the python language
  • NumPy array library
  • matplotlib and visualization
  • SciPy library for scientific computing

Getting Ready

To prepare for class, students should install python on their laptops. Depending on your operating system, the easiest route is usually installing Anaconda Python—this will install all of the scientific python libraries we need. Make sure to install the version built around python 3—this is the version we will focus on.

Day One: Introduction to Jupyter and Python

An introduction to Jupyter notebooks and python data types, core data structures, and control structures.

Day Three: NumPy Arrays

The NumPy array library for python.

Day Five: Scientific Python

Other topics, including SciPy, pandas, other plotting packages, ...

Time-permitting: Extra examples

Other topics, including more I/O...

Course materials: